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Interviews and Guest Posts

Below are some links to interviews and guest blog posts in which I’ve been featured over the years.  I will also include URLs to blogs on which I was featured.  Please feel free to read through my interviews; you might learn something new.


“Free to Choose” published in Indiana Libraries 7/13

“Meet the Author” by K.M. Francouer – 7/19/13

Focus on Indiana Libraries – 7/15

Word Museum by Lori Soard – 2/15/16

The Daily Duranie by Rhonda and Amanda – 8/10/16

“All Authors Welcome at Sellersburg Writers’ Group” by Amanda Beam – News and Tribune – 9/27/16

“Interview and Book Review with Author/Poet Jen Selinsky” by JAnn Bowers 1/18/17

Author Interview with Jen Selinsky by S. Jackson & A. Raymond  – 1/19/17

Echoic Magazine by JAnn Bowers – 2/17

Meet Author Jen Selinsky by Matt Snee 2/9/17

Author Spotlight: Jen Selinsky by Ruby Caine

Southern Indiana Writers’ Group bio. 3/17

Poet Jen Selinsky by JAnn Bowers – 3/5/17

Ghost Questions, Guest Post by Marian Allen 3/6/17

Echoic Magazine by JAnn Bowers 4/17

Echoic Magazine Author Interview by JAnn Bowers 4/5/17

Towns in Crisis interview by Courtney Block 4/8/17

Poets of Today’s World – Double the Books Magazine by KayCee K. 4/15/17

Echoic Magazine – by JAnn Bowers 4/17

Steve Hackett Interview – from Genesis Inside and Out, linked through his webpage 4/17

Best Western Ashbury Inn Hotel Review (click on Google reviews) 5/4/17

Echoic Magazine – JAnn Bowers 5/17

http://www.pmvideos.com/reviews.html by G.H. Neale 5/17

The Republic – Go Guide 5/18/17

Mary R. Woldering by Mary R. Woldering 5/29/17

The Waiting Room Online (click on TWR #99, then scroll down to my name) 6/4/17

Confirmed : Jeffersonville a great venue for Beatles fest Letter to the editor for The News and Tribune 6-6-17

Interview with Ann Swann 6/17/17

Jen Selin Again – Jen Selinsky, That Is. by Marian Allen 6/19/17

Walking to New Heights interview by Courtney Block 6/24/17

Interview of Jen Selinsky by Teresa Garcia 6/28/17

Family Fun on a Tight Budget, Your Parent Magazine.com 6/30/17

Author Interview with Jen Selinsky, KC Freeman 7/14/17

Corn Fritter Muffins, Electric Consumer, 7/24/17

Authors in the Spotlight, Waxing Poetic, La Kata E.K. 10/19/17

Children’s Literature Author Jen Selinsky Visited Bloomington, Indiana Daily Student, Audrey Lee 11/13/17

Southern Indiana Writers

20 Happy Spring Quotes That Will Make You Smile, Country Living Magazine, Madison Alcedo, 2/21/18

The Bloomington Scene, 3/3/18

Interview with Writer Jen Selinsky, T.G. Campbell, FRESH Lifestyle Magazine, 3/4/18

Guest Post: Jen Selinsky, The readers life with Trisha Ratliff, Trisha Ratliff, 5/22/18

Reader’s Life Magazine,  Trisha Ratliff, 5/27/18

Jen Selinsky Interview, Rock Hunters Magazine, 8/14/18

Reader’s Life Magazine, Trisha Ratliff, 8/25/18*

The Waiting Room Online (click on TWR #102 then scroll down to my name) 9/6/18*


*denotes more than one work published in the same publication